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Humanities / Social Sciences

The humanities and social sciences deal in particular with the aspects of human society, cultural and social developments, history, art and language. Most universities offer special courses in the humanities and social sciences or social sciences. These are, for example, sociology, pedagogy or political science. Therefore, the requirements for the student differ with regard to the different study programs. Often, however, an analytical approach to certain research questions will be necessary. Empirical social research is an important component of the humanities and social sciences. Qualitative content analyzes, for example according to Mayring, are often used. In most cases, a comprehensive examination of different theories is required.

Law Sciences

Like medicine, studying law is very popular. After successfully passing the state examination or the bachelor / master program, the student can work as a judge, prosecutor or lawyer. Almost all major corporations also have their own legal departments. Important topics and contents, which are conveyed during the mostly nine-semester study, are for example the commercial law, the family law, the private law, the administrative law or the employment law. The specific contents of the study vary depending on the federal state.

A law degree in UK requires very good knowledge of English, combined with expressiveness, as well as the ability to think logically, abstractly and analytically. Of particular importance are good stamina and continuous learning. The final state examination and the grade achieved there are decisive for the further professional career. Many students believe this is wrong, so that the degree program in law is characterized by particularly high failure rates.

Political Science

Students of political science or political science learn the analysis and evaluation of complex political contexts during their Bachelor’s or Master’s studies. How does the state work, how do political organizations work? How do international organizations act? The study of political science requires a high degree of analytical thinking, because topics from other disciplines, such as economics and business administration, but also law are closely linked to political science. From this own study courses have arisen, such as B. the policy management. Political science also requires the use of numerous statistical methods in empirical research. But also the detailed study of the most diverse theories of political science is required as well as the comparison of political systems of different countries. Good English skills are essential. The NC for the degree program Political Science is high in most universities, in the summer semester 2015 it was up to 1.2.

According to the requirements that a student of political science has to bring, the drop-out rate in political science is very high. Political Science is offered as a Bachelor’s as well as a Master’s degree program. With the respective degree, the graduate has numerous career opportunities, not just as a professional politician.

However, as is often the case with the social sciences and social sciences, it holds true for the political sciences that the sole bachelor or master’s degree title is not always a guarantee of professional success. Especially with the starting salaries, the political scientists are clearly behind the business economists or economists. Above all, internships offer themselves to increase the future career opportunities.

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Pedagogy / Educational Science

The study of pedagogy or educational science is offered as a Bachelor and Master degree program. The various educational theories also include components of the social sciences and psychology. They learn quantitative and qualitative research methods, so they should not be averse to statistics. Thematic content in the pedagogy course is, for example, educational opportunities for people of different ages or the promotion of children. They will be able to understand and reproduce educational problems. Special fields of educational science can be found in art education, music education, health education or intercultural education.

If you have successfully completed your degree (Bachelor or Master), you can work as a teacher in various educational institutions: U.a. at youth facilities, facilities for the disabled or special counseling centers. Important fields of activity are adult education, child and youth education as well as further education, educational work and the organization of educational offers.


Medicine is one of the most popular courses besides economics. Therefore, the access is limited in Europe, only in exceptional cases, a study without numerus clausus (NC) is possible. The NC is usually between 1.0 and 1.5. So if you want to study medicine in UK, you need a very good Abitur or correspondingly many waiting semesters. The duration of medical studies is about 12 semesters on average. The medical study is divided into three parts and consists of a Physikum, the Hammerexamen and the medical examination after the practical year. After successful completion of studies, the student will receive the license to practice medicine and may work as a doctor in the future. For the acquisition of the doctorate a medical doctoral thesis has to be prepared.

The study contents as well as the later employment possibilities for medical students are manifold. Popular emphases and occupational fields are surgery, dermatology, general medicine, internal medicine, radiology, orthopedics and neurology.

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